Private shuttle

It is not always easy to find a bus or a taxi at the train station. When arriving by train, you often have heavy luggage and would love to have a little help to carry them.

At chalet Patchwork, we provide two different shuttle services depending on your needs.

Chalet Patchwork shuttle services

  • A private shuttle for a maximum of 6 people. We will be waiting for you right at the exit of the train to help you with your luggage and bring you to your appartment. During your booking, select the “private shuttle” service.
  • the Patchwork shuttle, if you are only 1 or 2 people and don’t mind sharing the ride with other Patchwork clients. In this case we will be waiting at the exit of the train station. Its cheaper and also a nice way to meet people during the ride.

if you already have the information, when booking your stay, please give us your hour of arrival, train number, number of people and, tell us if you have large items such as skis so that we can maker sure we have the adequate shuttle to bring you to the station.

If you don’t have the information when booking your stay, no worry, you can send this information later by email. Just make sure to do it as early as possible as its more difficult getting a shuttle at the last minute.