Cool arrival

If you are already tired at the idea of having to buy all the food and cleaning basics at your arrival, or if you feel your luggage are already heavy enough with your ski suits to not overload them with food, you will love our “Cool arrival” option.

And if you arrive late at the appartment, and don’ t want to cook, we can offer you 2 options to celebrate your arrival : “Raclette party” or “Savoyard fondue” coming from Valloire’s best local shops that can be delivered right at your appartment.

No grocery shopping on your arrival !

With the option « Cool arrival » we deliver grocery shopping basics prior to your arrival :

  • A cleaning set with all the basics you will need during your stay (dish water tabs, washing machine liquid, toilet paper, sponge, dishwashing A liquid…)
  • A basic food grocery set (oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, milk, tea, nespresso capsules, butter, pasta, tomato sauce…)
  • And a couple surprises from our local producers

If you want dinner ready on your arrival, we can offer 2 options that can be cohosen during the booking of your accomadation or at least 72 hours before your arrival :

  • Raclette Party ( 3 different sort of cheese, a large range of ham, saucisson and other local meats, potatoes and white whine)
  • Savoyarde Fondue (cheese, bread, salad, white whine